Organic Holistic Facials 


Aromatherapy Facial 
50 min - $95


Relax into this breathtaking facial, the intoxicating       aroma of the organic essential oils stimulates the senses, balances our moods and supports your skin’s own ability to breathe. The therapeutic benefits of this facial will relax, re-balance and encourage the mind, body, and soul’s well being. The incredible bonus is we use the Reiki infused aromatherapy skin care line from Reiki Natural. 

Dr. Alkaitis Facial 
60​ min - $110


Dr. Alkaitis Facial is Mother Nature's cure and perfect facial.  Dr. Alkitas skin care line used in this facial, contains herbs and botanicals with anti-inflammatory properties to nourish and hydrate. Best suited for sensitive skin types (rosacea, prenatal hormonal and mature skin), these products are crafted from raw, organic and ethically wild-crafted ingredients free of damaging additives. 


Ayur-Medic Nature & Science Facials 

Ayur-Medic's advanced products are designed to ensure the perfect balance between holistic principles and advanced dermatological research.  Ayur-Medic's ayurvedic herbs and active ingredient formulas will remedy various conditions of the skin.



N'Lighten Skin Custom Facial
​60 min - $135

A combination of relaxation techniques and effective ingredients that will enhance all skin types.  This facial treatment is custom tailored for beneficial healing options to:  Clear for acne, Calm for sensitive skin, Firm for mature skin, Bright for hyperpigmention and Hydrate for dry or dehydrated skin.  Whether you have acne, dry, oily, uneven skin tone, or aging concerns, this custom facial will address your specific needs.  


• Skin Analysis 

• Deep Cleansing

• Exfoliation

• Custom Mask

• Extraction


• Treatment Serums 

• Antioxidant Compress

• Enzyme Hand Treatment

• Face & Neck Massage

• SPF Protection

N'Lighten Skin Signature Glow Facial
75 min - $185

Includes everything as in the N’Lighten Skin Custom Facial and is upgraded with Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion treatment.  This tranquil combination will instantly create a healthful, glowing complexion.  

Deep Cleansing Facial
45 min - $89

This facial cleans, calms, soothes and strengthens all skin types/conditions.  Calm Cleansing is a wonderful choice for your first time facial experience, or for those who are short on time and on the go.